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The new IAU program of advisory services for advancing internationalization.

ISAS (2.0) consists of several different but complementary services offered to IAU Members, other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), individuals at HEIs, national governments and organizations.

ISAS (2.0), offered by IAU as of 2016, builds on the foundation of the initial Internationalization Strategies Advisory Service (ISAS), created in 2010 to help HEIs develop or review their internationalization policies, strategies and programs.
The new program goes beyond the original ISAS initiative in two important ways. First, it offers a greater variety of specific and tailored services to a more diversified audience. It seeks to assist single HEIs, groups of HEIs within a country, individual professionals, and policymakers in their distinct efforts to enhance internationalization of Higher Education (HE). Secondly, it offers a learning badge for each service as a way of acknowledging the learning journey that has been undertaken.
The main services within ISAS (2.0) include:

  1. Advancing strategic internationalization at HEIs (for HEIs)
  2. Facilitating individual learning for internationalization (for HEIs and individuals working at HEIs)
  3. National advisory service for strategy or policy development for HE internationalization (for national governments, agencies and organizations)

Please find here the ISAS (2.0) promotional leaflet.
To know more about the original ISAS program please consult the following pages: ISAS program 2010 - 2016